Mya Learns About Menstruation

Mya learns about the menstrual cycle and what happens to a girl's body once she starts menstruating. This book was written by two public health experts, Dr. Ebere Azumah, MD and Bria Gadsden, MS, who are the co-founders of Love your Menses, Inc. This book will teach young girls in the prepubertal period, what to expect during their periods. The menstrual cycle is very important and tells us a lot about our health and it is the FIFTH vital sign during a doctor's visit.

Language: English

Pages: 22

Reading Age: 9 - 12 years



"Friends! I'm sharing this again because you need it. My girl has been asking a lot of questions lately and had some nerves regarding this topic. We read the book together and she asked her questions and felt so much better!! I highly recommend getting it for your girls..."

-Rachel C., Parent