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Bria Gadsden delivering 'period care kits' for women with no access to feminine hygiene products during pandemic

Bria Gadsden is a woman on a mission. [She] has been delivering hundreds of "Period Care Kits" for women with little or no access to feminine hygiene products during the pandemic.

Gadsden says people who have lost jobs are struggling to afford the products they need, and women who are high risk for infection or under quarantine.

Interview with Bria Gadsden of Love Your Menses

As we wrap up this year's Environmenstrual Week, we asked Executive Director and co-founder of Love Your Menses, Bria Gadsden, a few questions about why she's passionate about this work.

"Unfortunately, there are certain period products that contain harmful chemicals that may cause reproductive health issues..."

Creating a 'safe space' Merrimack Valley Black and Brown Voices drawing hundreds of members

While the organization has only been around since late May, Merrimack Valley Black and Brown Voices has already organized a Juneteenth rally, held a Black and brown business owners' festival, signed up 1,500 "allied followers" on Facebook and created an attractive and informative website that includes a large and growing directory of minority-owned businesses.

They're just getting started.

Our Wombs Speak Volumes // Bria Gadsden on Carnal Theory

Do you realize how powerful your womb space is? In this week's Carnal Theory episode, we explore the many ways in which wellness rituals can help us tap into that power and amplify our wombs' voice. 

In Conversation with Bria Gadsden of Love Your Menses, Inc.

As an adolescent, no one taught me about periods or prepared me for my first period. As I got older, I had to teach myself about menstruation through reading books, online articles, and asking my OB/GYN questions. I decided to co-create Love Your Menses, Inc. with Dr. Ebere Azumah, MD, MPH because there were not many organizations providing menstrual education and resources to Black and Brown girls and young women in my community and similar communities across the U.S., and we wanted to change that.

Episode 286 Love Your Menses w/ Bria Gadsden & Dr. Azumah

Today we are joined by Bria Gadsden & Dr. Azumah cofounders of Love your menses This organization was founded in 2019 in response to the growing menstrual wellness needs of young people. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, they provide a platform for girls and young women of color to become more aware of their bodies and to embrace the transition period from pre-puberty into puberty. Their goal is to create a safe and uplifting, and supportive space to dispel myths surrounding menstruation while empowering young people to love their menses.