Have you ever missed a period and asked yourself, "Am I pregnant?" While this is definitely a valid question to ask, there could be other reasons why you missed a period. And if you are not sexually active, then there definitely are other reasons why you aren't flowing.

I'm sure you've read the headlines by now: Scotland became the first country to pass a law making period products free for all in need. As someone who is a leader in the menstrual equity movement, I am thrilled; not just because Scotland passed this monumental law, but really because more people are saying the word "period" in public!

After years of experiencing debilitating menstrual cramps and countless visits to the doctor's office, one day, my doctor said, "have you ever asked your mother or grandmother what their period experiences were like?" At first I laughed, for those are conversations I assumed were too inappropriate to talk about due to the period taboo that exists...