Bria Gadsden


Menstrual Health & Wellness Writer

As a health educator and taboo breaker, I am passionate about writing at the intersection of menstruation, wellness, and social taboos. If you like to discuss topics that are commonly viewed as social taboos, such as excessive pooping on your period or folliculitis in the vulva area, then you'll enjoy reading my posts. For those who have some reservations, I challenge you to step outside your comfort zone! 

Social Impact Strategist

A social entrepreneur is a solution-oriented individual who is passionate about effectively solving social problems. Since my teenage years, I've always been passionate about create a social impact in my community. As the founder of two successful women-led nonprofit organizations and an LLC, I will humbly share with you some of my accomplishments along with lessons learned as a social entrepreneur. 

If you are someone looking to start a solutions-oriented nonprofit organization or LLC, I do offer 1:1 support.

Upcoming Workshops

Work With Me

As someone with experience working in education, public health, nonprofit, government, and private sectors, here are some of the services I provide:

Non-profit Consulting

I work with nonprofit visionaries, founders, and leaders to create impactful, sustainable, and effective. I can help with website creation, applying for grants, building a social media presence, or creating effective financial management systems. 

My current nonprofit clients include:

1. Kriolas Professional Assocation

2. Healthy and Uplifted

3. Rossetti Foundations For The Arts and Culture


Digital and Print Health/Wellness Content 

As a freelance writer, I create blog posts centered around reproductive health.


I have spoken about menstrual equity at colleges/ universities, nonprofits, community events, and private corporations. 


For all inquiries, please send me an email at: